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I practice yoga because I’m drawn to practice.

I was never a dancer or a gymnast, or even very athletic.  In fact, I wore leg braces as a child to strengthen my weak hip and ankle joints.  So physical strength and flexibility did not come naturally.  I am proof that yoga is for everyone.  Like many, I entered the practice for physical reasons.  I wanted to get in shape, become more flexible, tone muscle.  It wasn’t long before I realized that yoga is a way of life which impacts physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health.  The benefits to the body and mind are well documented: relaxation, balance, stress relief, lengthening and toning of muscles, flexibility, pain relief, etc.  Beyond the obvious benefits, the practice will show you your patterns of thought, behavior, and living.  All you have to do is show up.  You will start to sort out the patterns that you wish to continue and those you wish to stop because of the positive or negative impact they have on your life and the world.  The gifts of the yoga practice are many:  reflection, transformation, strength, courage, clarity, peace, and of course bliss, baby!


5 thoughts on “Yoga

  1. Sarah,

    I wanted to thank you so much for starting this blog. From reading just a few of your posts I am learning more about yoga, about what I know already but to delve more in the history and understanding of what I’ve been practicing for 3 years. I’m so blessed for you to be my teacher and help me to continue on my journey, thank you!

    Lindsay xo

  2. Sarah, from day one I was blessed to be graced with your presence and light. You are an amazing woman, a beautiful spirit and a gifted teacher. I’m so glad you decided to start a blog! You have so much light and love to offer!

    Lots of Love & Light


    • Thank you so much for your support, Alana! The feeling is totally mutual! Your presence is greatly missed at Vitality…hope to see you and practice with you again soon! xoxo

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